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Welcome to EnergySteward !

Affordabe pricing options.

EnergySteward was developed to address the common needs which confront many oil and gas companies and their contract and deal management activities.

Our sales team will be glad to setup a demonstration, prepare a quote and answer any questions you might have about EnergySteward.   

Feel free to submit our demonstration request form or to contact us with any questions or requests.
EnergySteward is a web based software solution for managing contracts and deals for oil and gas companies.

How does your company manage contracts ?

Many oil and gas companies manage their contracts to the point where they get them setup within spreadsheet(s) for monthly deal and settlement processing.  These contracts are then put away in filing cabinets or stuffed in boxes, never to be retrieved again unless a contract question/dispute arises.  The specific terms, within the contract, are many times inaccessible by key employees. Sometimes key contract triggers and alerts are not managed.  Many types of contracts are typically involved (purchasing, transport, gathering, storage, sales, etc.).  Alternatively,  some oil and gas companies manage their contracts with software that is either difficult to use OR does not provide for capture and reporting of key contract areas.

What about managing monthly deals ?

Does your company still manage your month-to-month deal transactions exclusively (or significantly) through various spreadsheets?  Spreadsheets are powerful, but even small companies can experience difficulties and limitations by relying on them.  A reliance on spreadsheets can cause:

  • Inconsistent deal calculation formulas
  • Inaccessibility to all employees
  • Enterprise level rollup difficulties (i.e... company profit/loss margin reporting?, etc.)
  • Inconsistent counterparty communications (confirmations, invoices, remittance statements, etc)
  • Difficulties in training new employees
  • Potential for divergence from underlying contract formulas, provisions and terms
  • Unknown risks involving spreadsheet backups, disaster recovery, etc.
  • Scheduling and imbalance reporting
  • etc.

EnergySteward was developed to provide a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use solution for managing oil and gas company contracts and deals within an integrated central repository (all web based).